Mobile Phone Tripod Stand
Mobile Phone Tripod Stand
Mobile Phone Tripod Stand
Mobile Phone Tripod Stand
Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

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Product Details
Product Details

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote is not just for when the light gets low, requiring you to use a lower shutter speed.  There are many reasons, both practical and creative for placing your camera on a tripod.

Do you keep getting blurry photos that you’re embarrassed to share? Maybe you’re starting to experiment with long exposures, or shooting in low light conditions?  Getting sharp photos is one of the most challenging aspects of photography. But in many cases, the problem can be solved with something as simple as Our Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote.

Do you need a tripod? No, of course you don’t – that is, if you like soft, blurry images! Blurry photos usually occur when there is movement between the camera and the subject while the camera’s shutter is open. The movement could simply be caused by the subject moving too much, or the camera being held unsteadily, or both.

A tripod prevents or reduces, camera movement caused by the photographer’s unsteady hand. However, care should be taken to press the shutter button lightly, or use the camera’s built-in timer or a remote shutter button, as even the smallest movement caused by pressing the shutter button could introduce camera shake and, therefore, blur.

Using a tripod means you don’t have to worry so much about the shutter speed – since the camera shouldn’t move at all whilst the photo is being taken and the shutter is open. Furthermore, once you’ve gone to the trouble of framing the shot, it’s unlikely you’ll want to capture one photo.

If you are shooting lots of portraits in the same location – perhaps at a prom evening or other social event – it can be really useful to have your camera mounted on a tripod.

For wildlife subjects that are at rest (i.e. not running or flying at great speed!), a tripod is really useful. Not least because wildlife photography usually involves long, heavy telephoto or zoom lenses, and lots of sitting around waiting for the subject to appear, or re-appear. The longer the telephoto or zoom lens, the great the chance of getting blurry images. This is because just as long lenses magnify the scene, they also magnify any movement of the camera. Therefore, the longer the lens, the more likely you are to need a tripod.

Photographing the moon, the stars or other celestial bodies used to be beyond the reach of the average photographer.

Tripods are also required for long-exposure photography where the use of a slow shutter speed or bulb-mode is required. As explained in Landscape Photography above, slow shutter speeds require a tripod to ensure the camera doesn’t move whilst the shutter is open.

Products don’t usually move around much, if at all, so are perfect for shooting with your camera mounted on a tripod. Not only do you benefit from better image quality but your hands are free to make adjustments to the subject position, or swap one product out for another.

Tripods are essential whenever you need to take multiple shots of the same scene, without altering the camera position. This could be for taking bracketed exposures where you want different exposures of the exact same scene – perhaps for creating HDR images. Also, multiple shots are needed for time-lapse photography where you need many images of the scene over time.

All of these uses require the camera to be in the same position throughout, and using a tripod is the best way to achieve this. All the more reason for you to get Our Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote


Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

With Easy Height Adjustment so you place Our Tripod exactly where or how you need it for the best shoot.

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Bluetooth Control for DSLR Camera AND Smartphone

  • Shoot at the exact moment required.
  • Enables you to shoot some distance from the camera.
  • Reduces vibration.
  • Safety.
  • Allows for creative experimentation.
  • Frees up your hands for other purposes.
  • Weighing in at 680g / 1.50 lbs makes easy to carry around.
  • Now you can add Great Pictures and Videos to your social media posts
  • Great Tool to have for your  Vlogging
  • Great Tool to have for your  Blogging
  • Great Tool for your YouTube Channel
  • Livestream
  • Gopro Ready
  • Smartphone Ready


Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand

Traveling photographers are concerned with carrying as little as possible and so they look for the lightest, most stable tripod they can find. This makes travel tripods a good choice for landscape, nature and travel related photography as well the most popular choices for an all-around tripod.

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

Making Life So Much Easier.

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  • Item Type: Tripod
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Folded Length: 34 mm / 1.34 inch
  • Max Extended Length: 100 mm / 3.94 inch
  • Colour: Black



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