Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder
Phone Armband And Key Holder

Phone Armband And Key Holder

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Product Details
Product Details

Phone Armband And Key Holder

The first thing you need to know about Running Band is they are NOT just for running. Whether you are working out at the gym, running a marathon, mountain biking, skiing, playing golf, or motorbiking, you want to have quick access to your phone. You might consider using Our Phone Armband And Key Holder, but some athletes prefer keeping their accessories on their arms. Carrying your phone in an armband allows you to access your music, fitness apps, maps, messages, and take calls without having to open any zippers or velcro tabs.

Questions to ask about Our Phone Armband And Key Holder

  1. Does it come in my size?

One size doesn’t fit all. People come in different sizes and so do running bands. Measure your arm’s circumference and check the size options that the bands come in. Are the band’s straps adjustable for your arm size, and where you decide to place it?

  1. Will my phone fit in? Check Specs At Bottom of

    Phone Arm Band

    Cellphone Running Arm Bag / Band

In recent years, smartphones have gotten smarter, thinner, and bigger. Not all running bands on the market are big enough to accommodate larger phones like the iPhone 7 Plus with a case.

  1. Does it have headphone ports? Yes

Listening to music on the go is a must for many runners. Bluetooth headphones can fall out and vary in sound quality. Earbud ports at the top and bottom of the cell phone holder allow you to use wired headphones if you prefer them.

  1. Is it waterproof? Yes                                                                                                                                               Running Arm Band                                                                                                                                                                                  Your phone needs to be protected from sweat, rain, and any other sources of moisture. Durable water resistant fabrics, like neoprene, on the front and back keep your phone dry. A waterproof seal gives added protection from a sudden down
  2. Does it have an interior pocket? Yes


You might feel naked without your phone, but it’s probably not the only thing you want to carry. Essential items like ID, cash, and keys also need to be secured. An extra pocket or key clip makes a big difference. Some models even come with energy gel loops to keep you fueled until the end of a run.

  6.   Is my phone secure?

Cell Phone Arm Band

If you prefer running lightweight, you may want to remove the phone’s case. Check to see if the armband has foam lining the back panel to make sure that your arm doesn’t feel the extra weight of a large phone. For more security inside the pouch, a fold down Velcro closure will ensure a snug fit.

 7.  Is there a choice of colors?

Cellphone Arm Band

Cellphone Arm Band

Black, black or black? Matching the color of your band to your workout clothing will keep you in style. Choose a luminous pink, orange, or green sports band to stand out from the herd.

Phone Armband And Key Holder 

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item Type: Running Armband And Key Holder / Running Bag

  • Material: Polyester, Net Cloth
  • Size: 17 x 9 cm / 6.7 x 3.54 inch; 19 x 10 cm / 7.48 x 3.94 inch
  • Color: Wine Red, Red, Light Red, Blue, Black
  • Application Position: Arm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pc


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