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A vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning a large area rug or a room with wall-to-wall carpet, but they tend to be bulky and heavy and aren’t ideal for many spaces and many kind of messes. Our Compact Car Vacuum is easy to use and can clean up places that a normal vacuum can’t reach. Read on to discover why every household should have our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner.

What Are Handheld Vacuum Cleaners?

As the name suggests, a handheld vacuum is typically a smaller, portable version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Because of its compact size, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. The most obvious con being that it is not a good solution for vacuuming large areas of your home.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Our compact car vacuum Big Performance Small Size

1. They Are Small

Most handheld vacuums are less than half the size of their larger counterparts, with some models being so small they could almost fit in your pocket. Their compact size not only makes them easy to carry around, but also easy to store on a shelf or corner of a closet, pantry, laundry room, garage or inside a kitchen cabinet, where I happen to keep mine.

The smaller size makes them a great option for smaller living spaces, such as apartments, dorm rooms and RV’s, where storage space is at a premium but you still want to be keep things clean. The main benefit of its smaller size, in my opinion, is that it makes cleaning difficult-to-reach places a snap. With kids, I find myself cleaning the most random spots with my handheld vacuum.

2. They Are Lightweight

Many handheld vacuum cleaner models weigh less than five pounds. While this will obviously vary from model to model, they will all be reasonably lightweight. This makes it easy to carry the unit around the house for some quick on-the-spot vacuuming, as well as carrying them up the stairs with less risk of a fall than lugging a giant vacuum cleaner.

This is particularly advantageous for elderly users, who may struggle with bulky, heavy equipment. And on the flip side of this same coin, you could even put your toddlers to work with one of these. My daughter loves to use the handheld vacuum to clean up the mess she makes. Just make sure you sift through the debris before blindly tossing it in the garbage.

3. They Are Easy to Use

The perfect segue from one benefit to another, a handheld vacuum is a great way to get your kids to pitch in around the house. Not only are they small and lightweight, but they are incredibly easy to use. Kids and adults alike can use them with little complications. In fact, many kids nowadays know how to work tablets and gaming devices better than most adults, a handheld vacuum cleaner is going to be a cinch for them to operate.

Handheld vacuums aren’t heavy enough to cause (much) damage if dropped, and kids can clean up their own spills and help take off some of the chores from your to-do list. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaning Up Soil
You’ll love it, kids will love it, everyone will be happy with our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

4. They Are Easy to Carry

In addition to their compact size and lightweight shell, they all have a handle of some kind that is easy to hold your grip on while cleaning up a mess. The type of handle and quality of the grip will vary from model to model, but they are all easy to hold and carry around your home.

Additionally, many handheld vacuums are cordless, making them even easier for you to carry around. Because you don’t have to worry about a cord getting tangled or caught up on something while carrying your vacuum, we’d highly recommend a cordless vacuum cleaner when it comes to the handheld variety. If you do choose a model with a cord, be sure it is quite long so you aren’t limited by your outlets.

Of course, a cordless handheld vacuum does come with its own set of pros and cons. Yes, they are easy to use and carry around, but if you forgot to charge the battery then you may not get the cleaning job completed without having to recharge it.

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner
Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

5. Great for Quick Cleanups

Whether you have a bunch of pet hair on the couch you need up before guests come over or if your child just made (another) mess while eating, a handheld vacuum does a fantastic job at cleaning quickly and efficiently. Depending on the types of “quick messes” you’ll need cleaned up, look no more with Our Compact Car Vacuum.

6. Can Go Anywhere

Piggybacking on a previous benefit, Our Compact Car Vacuum can pretty much go anywhere you need it to and still work as you intend for it to. Although, it is fair to note that a cordless vacuum does open more opportunities for you, which is why we would recommend you going with Our Compact Car Vacuum.

For example, a cordless model is great for outdoor use, such as cleaning your car or vacuuming dirt off of anything about to enter your home. We’ve also seen people use cordless units in their shed, attic or crawlspace. You can also bring it along with you to the beach, so you can quickly clean off the sand from your gear, as well as the sand that makes it inside of your car. Many people use them while camping for a wide variety of uses. The uses of handheld vacuums are virtually endless, especially if you buy Our Compact Car Vacuum.

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

7. Can Clean Many Things A Larger Vacuum Shouldn’t

While we’ve gone over many benefits of handheld vacuums, this one here is, admittedly, a bit ambiguous and dependent on what type of larger vacuum you concurrently own.

We’ve already discussed how a handheld vacuum works great for quick cleanups, but this is especially true on surfaces that may be damaged by heavy vacuum cleaners, such as wooden floors. That’s why you need Our Compact Car Vacuum.

But if you have an old, heavy vacuum cleaner that may scratch or dent your wooden floors, than perhaps a handheld device would be a better tool to use. Also, a handheld vacuum cleaner works better at cleaning around baseboards, corners, underneath furniture and on stairs.

Again, to be fair, other types of vacuum cleaners can clean these same areas, but not nearly as easily as Our Compact Car Vacuum. You’d need to  figure out how they work, clean them, etc… All the while, the handheld vac can do the exact same job with no extra work.

Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

8. Big performance. Small size

Built with a washable HEPA filter and 600ML large-capacity dust cup, cleanup of dust, crumbs, pet hair, and allergens are easy (and incredibly detailed) with our little cleaner device. Recognized as a leading filter that’s often found in larger-sized vacuum devices, HEPA reduces the possibility of recycling debris back into the air as you vacuum, making it a standout feature on this otherwise small-sized vacuum. The filter is washable with water for reuse over and over.

It would be natural to think that due to their small size and light-weight nature, that handheld vacuums aren’t very powerful. But, really this couldn’t be less true.

9. It is Versatile

This is where it starts to get fun. Your average handheld vacuum cleaner can get the job done, but there are so many more benefits associated with the units that come with plenty of attachments and accessories.

If you buy Our Compact Car Vacuum you’ll be able to clean virtually every space in your house. A narrow-ended crevice tool can go between couch cushions, blinds and the seats of your car. It can also fit in small spaces between walls and furniture and quickly suck up unseen dust and pet hair from corners and under cabinets.

10. Can Rescue Lost Items

Many people don’t know this little life hack, but a handheld vacuum and a pair of pantyhose can be used to rescue tiny items from unreachable places.

From treasured earrings or that must-have Lego piece that fell into the abyss of couch cushion crevasses, simply stretch the pantyhose over the nozzle and run it over the area where the object was lost. The vacuum will suck it out of oblivion while the pantyhose prevents it from actually being sucked into the appliance.

To be fair, this trick will work with regular vacuum cleaners as well, but only if you have the right attachment. But my handheld vacuum has made me a hero in my kids eyes many times with this trick, as well as saved my ears from the dreaded “lost toy” tantrum. Because of this, perhaps I should declare this the number one benefit of handheld vacuums.

11. Power up in as little as four hours!

Working on two 2200 mAh high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, the Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner reaches full power capacity within three to four hours.

12. Clean with two performance modes.

Our vacuum has a standard mode that runs for 20 minutes and an enhanced mode, which runs for 15 minutes. Note that each full-charge allows for only one mode cycle of use.

To sum it all up, it’s not what you want, It’s what you need. To make life so much easier. Remember everyone will love it. Get yours now.

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

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